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She was at that point a bit on the little side, the bronze plaque that Michael Vangerow gave over to Mayor Stefan Raetz by the German Foundation for Monument Protection at the foot of the Tomburg. Later on, rainerland it will advise guests and climbers that the broad redesign of the encompassing mass of the Tomburgruine could be done over a time of three years in a thorough crusade and gratitude to numerous supporters.

Since 2015, the remodel of Tomburg in the town lobby has been a subject that has been given high need. Toward the start of the 70s, at the palace complex, fissured joints were recently filled and broad redesigns were completed. In any case, it worked out that the workmanship of the manor complex was by and by in flawed condition and that a further remodel was critically expected to protect the noteworthy structures.

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Notwithstanding absence of attachment of the mortar and the subsequent loss of individual stones and planar separation of divider segments additionally plant development and infiltrating water harmed the workmanship. rainerland The organization went on a sponsorship search and furthermore had achievement. In September 2017, it was conceivable to begin the broad work to redesign the encompassing mass of the mansion ruin, after the Foundation for German Historical Monuments 90,000 euros, the Landscape Association 35,000 euros and the Tomburg-Ritter Wormersdorf 2,000 euros had guaranteed. The city of Rheinbach contributed claim assets adding up to 111,000 euros.

City hall leader Stefan Raetz expressed gratitude toward them just for giving over the bronze plaque for their help; rainerland This was gone to by Michael Vangerow and Rainer Land of the Upper Monument Authority of the Rhein-Sieg area, Andreas Herrmann as administrator of the friend network “Tomburg”, Anja Schmitz of the lottery and Andrea Barth as executive of the Tomburg knights and city hall leader Klaus Beer.

Furthermore, the city corridor manager likewise communicated the expectation that guests and climbers later on with this “critical milestone” of the city handle somewhat more cautiously than was regularly the situation previously.

Rheinbach. The initial segment of the redesign deal with the remnants of the Tomburg in Wormersdorf has been finished. rainerland The organization of the city of Rheinbach has been working since 2015 with the remodel of the ch√Ęteau. It’s been right around a long time since the keep going work on the ruin was finished. Around then, the washed-out joints were reestablished as a feature of the work on the brick work. Meanwhile, be that as it may, this new settlement had washed itself out, and the whole palace complex was in a basic condition. rainerland This was supported by the areal loss of blocks in the stone work and the plant development on the ruin, which water could infiltrate.

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